Like so many I had always dreamed of keeping my horses at home.  In 1985 I realized that dream when purchasing nearly 16 acres in the Goshen Ohio area.  The place had been vacant a number of years.  The small barn and lean-to shed were made from packing crates.  The barn was missing half the roof and there was no water to it.  The water pipes in the modest ranch house were broken from freezing.  The grass was about as tall as I am (5’2”) or so it seemed.  There was nary a fence line.  It was perfect!! 

After purchasing a used tractor and bush hog I set to the task of mowing.  And mowing,  and mowing and well…mowing.  When you’re on the tractor for hours at a clip listening to its droning, you have got a lot of time to think and observe.  The farm was green, open and flat.  There was a nice backdrop with lots of mature trees in the distance.  It just screamed horse show!!  That year I hosted 2 shows one in August and one in September. 

The shows seemed to go well. Folks had fun.  I wanted to do more shows the following season.  I understood what it was to have limited time and money.  Getting to 3 - 5 shows a year was a big deal!!  Like everyone else I wanted a good value.  Quality (although the expectations back then were very different) in every sense was paramount.  I don’t recall any other shows in Cincinnati accruing points over several shows at the time.  I felt offering the shows as a “series” would be a good reward for us value seekers.  The idea blossomed and has been growing ever since. 

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